Newest member of the family

Hey all. So we’ve got our new bass player. Markku is now official. Looking forward to doing some great things with both Markku and Vince as the rhythm section. Tracking some new bass lines for the new material. Sounding great! Come back and see us soon. See ya at the upcoming shows. Thanks for stopping by.binary-method.netasus zenpad 10 Z300C купитьapartment forescort girl turkeyраскрутка сайта аудитbest landing page designssingapore backpagetownhouse miamiключевые слова google статистикапродвижение одностраничных сайтоввзломатьантибан для warface скачать бесплатноцерковь возрождения проповедьцерковь духовного возрождения

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CD available now

Hey all. The CD is available now and can be downloaded at iTunes or purchased right here on the website. Just click on the tab above labeled “Buy the CD” and go from there. Easy as that. Thank you so much for all of your support. Thanks for stopping by.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is more than one Stranger Things on iTunes so please be sure to select the right one.

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Music, Video and Pictures

Hey everyone. Make sure to take a look around the site as we do have photos, music and video located throughout the site. Check back often as we will continue to upload additional music files, video and pictures. As always, thank you again for coming by and visiting the official Stranger Things website.

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