Welcome to the official home of STRANGER THINGS on the web. Here, you will hopefully find everything you’re looking for when it comes to the band Stranger Things. Take a look around and feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts. This site is a work in progress so there’s still quite a bit of work to be done. But thanks so much for stopping by.

~Sudwyn, Reuben, Steve, Greg, and Ivan

Another great NAMM

Had a great time at NAMM as usual. Made some new friends as well as saw a lot of old friends. And again, a little sad that it's over but will look forward to NAMM 2020. Tons of great performances and lots of great gear. Might see some of that show up at the Stranger...

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Into the studio

We've got plans to knock out some tracking in February. We'll lock ourselves in and try to get some of this new stuff finished. We've been playing it live for some time but haven't had the opportunity to share it with those of you who are not able to make it to a gig....

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Heading to NAMM

So we're heading to the biggest music show in the world in the next couple of weeks. NAMM is kicking off Jan 24th and running through the 27th. If you see us there, make sure to stop us and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Stay Tuned

No shows booked at the moment because we’ve decided to put some extra effort into getting some new stuff recorded. It’s tough to do both sometimes so we’re knockin’ it out in studio and things are sounding REALLY good. We’ll keep you all posted. 

Our first video “My World” brings back some really great memories. Go on… Check it out. Still one of our favorites to play. People dig it. It’s a biggie.